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Italian day at Kalnciema Quarter on September 23

On September 23 from 10AM to 4PM, we will enjoy authentic Italian food and products at the market - the owners of the Italian store "Veranda" will offer to buy various national delicacies, fragrant and certified Sicilian fruits and vegetables, "Bliss Gelato" will have prepared gelato and sorbet according to the best national traditions, "Spirits by Roberto" will will tell you everything you need t...

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Chili day at Kalnciema Quarter on September 30

On September 30, in the Kalnciema QuarterBurka & Ledus will invite visitors to compete in their endurance by participating in a chili eating competition together with actor Kristians Karelins.Javier Garcia will prepare chili con carne and other spicy meals for lunch, Burka & Ledus will have a full range of hot sauces from chili peppers grown in Latvia, as well as the chili peppers themselv...

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Cold fashion market at Kalnciema Quarter on October 14

On October 14 from 10AM to 4PM Kalnciema Quarter will host a grand gathering of local fashion brands - the annual Cold Fashion Market! Several dozen different fashion brands will offer their clothing, shoes and accessories for the cold and rainy months of the year at hot prices.Entrance is free.

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Exposition of Alise Rudevica "Absolutely Unbelievable" at Kalnciema quarter

From September 8 to 30,Alise Rudevica's exhibition "Absolutely Unbelievable" can be seen at the Kalnciema quarter gallery. Combining analog photography with various graphics techniques and illustrations, Alise focuses on the emotional experience of people in her works and creates visual testimonies from memories, events and elements that tell of different times.Kalnciema Quarter gallery is open on...

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Kalnciema quarter market on Saturdays

On Saturdays from 10AM to 4PM at Kalnciema quarter's market you will find Latvian farmer and home producer's products!  In the creative workshops, the youngest visitors will have the opportunity to develop their skills together with masters of various fields. There is also an on-site wine shop & café, and guests are invited to enjoy a meal and a drink in the apple orchard.

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