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Urban Spring. Seed market on March 23

On March 23 from 10 AM to 4 PM Kalnciema Quarter invites to the main Urban Spring event - the Seed Market and several free gardening activities. The aim of the event is to draw attention and preserve the plant diversity in Latvia. Market's special guest will be Sandra Stabinge with her lecture "Why is it important to preserve and cherish seeds of ancestors? ". In addition, regular food and crafts...

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Lecture "Personality development from the point of view of brain activity" on March 26

On March 26 from 7 PM to 8.30 PM in Kalnciema Quarter Wine Shop&Coffe will happen a lecture "Personality Development from Brain Activity". In order not to get stuck in your personal development and use your full potential, it is good to know that personality development is affected by brain activity and can be influenced and changed. And when the brain changes, the personality changes. How to ...

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Lecture "Procrastination from the perspective of brain activity" on April 22

Sometimes all of us have set aside and chronically evaded uncomfortable and unwanted works, looking for a variety of excuses. Sometimes procrastination is the reason to do everything possible, except what should be done.What processes take place in the brain when procrastination takes us? What are the negative and positive mechanisms in the mind? What are the ways of procrastination and how to man...

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Exhibition “This Moment” by artist Ansis Butnor

On March 2 will be opened the solo exhibition “This Moment” by artist Ansis Butnor in Kalnciema Quarter gallery. An exhibition dedicated to eye revelation and special moments of the moment is open to the public until April 6.Exhibition “This Moment” is open to visitors from Monday to Saturday from 10 AM to 6 PM. Entrance is free.

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Samurai martial arts at Kalnciema Quarter gallery on Wednesdays

Every Wednesday we invite you to the Japanese samurai martial arts school Katori Shinto-Ryu to work with the Samurai group "KATORI" master Arnis Spurdziņš, who has mastered this fighting art with the world famous Japanese samurai teacher Risuke Otake. Participation in the event - donation. All those interested are given a unique opportunity to take part in a practical session, where we will d...

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