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Kalnciema quarter market on Saturdays

On Saturdays from 10AM to 4PM at Kalnciema quarter's market you will find Latvian farmer and home producer's products!  In the creative workshops, the youngest visitors will have the opportunity to develop their skills together with masters of various fields. There is also an on-site wine shop & café, and guests are invited to enjoy a meal and a drink in the apple orchard.

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On July 25th Jazz evening

If you missed the June jazz evening, mark your calendars for July 25th. We will spend the evening in the company of the best Latvian jazz musicians – the jazz and contemporary music group “LUPA”, while the evening will be warmed up by the young jazz students’ band “Tepat”.The instrumental, electronic, and analog modern fusion group “LUPA”, founded in 2016, brings together four of the best Latvian ...

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On July 27th Wonderful Waters

On July 27th from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, we invite nature lovers and enthusiasts to explore the underwater world of the Baltic Sea!Alongside the traditional Saturday market of Latvian farmers and craftsmen, the World Wildlife Fund will be active on the block stage, introducing visitors to the ecosystems of the Baltic Sea and Latvian freshwater. Attendees can play biodiversity Jenga and water saboteu...

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On August 1st Journey through Latin America

We are announcing an evening not to be missed – on August 1st, artists from Mexico and Puerto Rico will be visiting Kalnciema Quarter! Be prepared for colorful surprises and a genuine emotional journey – there will be dances, performances, impressive costumes, and energetic rhythms.The evening will start with the lively Mexican mariachi band Mariachi Baltica. Dressed in stylized ranchero costumes ...

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From July 4th till August 3rd The exhibition "ANATOMY OF ZINES" at the Zine and Small Publishers Fes

From July 4 to August 3, we invite you to visit the SĀBRS exhibition “ANATOMY OF ZINES” at the Kalnciema Quarter Gallery. This exhibition will showcase zines from the libraries of artists Maija Kurševa, Rūta Briede, and the association “Forty Degrees.” The exhibition is part of the third annual Zine and Small Publishers Festival SĀBRS, which will take place from July 6 to 7 on the second floor of ...

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