Art lessons for children with illustrator Signe Ērmane

The well-known illustrator of children's books, Signe Ērmane, invites parents to sign up their children for creative art classes! In a long cycle of lessons, the artist will introduce children to various materials and handicraft techniques, help develop imagination, creativity and the desire to experiment. In each workshop, one work will be created on a specific topic, which can be taken home if desired.



03.02. 4 TEXTURES – the same animal in 4 different graphic techniques

10.02. GAME "SAUSAGES" – making game dice from stones found on the seashore

17.02. HOUSES – we tear, cut, combine, glue different papers to create different houses: big, small, colorful, straight, crooked, etc.

24.02. FISH DAY – who lives in water?


02.03 SPRING FLOWERS – studying and drawing spring flowers (crocuses, daffodils, tulips, snowdrops, snowdrops)

16.03. Art Nouveau and my name – studying Art Nouveau examples (plant/flower motifs, fonts) and drawing names

23.03. BIRD FEATURES - studying and drawing different, colourful bird feathers

30.03. EASTER EGGS – drawing gardens, backyards and other places where the Easter bunnies hide their eggs. These will be drawings with surprises – the eggs will have to be searched behind lift-up hiding places


06.04. HALF OF A JOKE – For the Joke Day we will draw half of various imaginary animals, household objects, funny people. We will exchange drawings and finish the drawing in the style started by the other, trying to put ourselves in each other's "skin".

13.04. PUZZLES – guessing and illustrating Latvian folk riddles

20.04. CITY STORES – drawing shop windows, e.g. flower shop, café, hairdresser, fashion shop, etc., shop signs and visitors

27.04. MY Bracelet – bracelet making using different colours of yarn and an interesting way to twist them

To apply for all or individual workshops, please fill out the form -

Participation in one workshop: 8 EUR (materials included)

Workshops will be held every Saturday at 11.00-12.30 in the cafe.