Autumn harvest festival and market September 23

Kalnciema quarter invites everyone to celebrate the richness of crops, therefore on September 23rd, from 10 AM to 4 PM "Autumn harvest festival" will take place. Children are invited to the workshop led by "Latvian Scouts Central Organization" from 11 AM to 3 PM. At 11 AM and 12.30 PM concert of Āgenskalns dance school "Vendija".

Farmers in Kalnciema quarter have a wide range of autumn products: carrots, potatoes and beets, their big brothers - courgettes and pumpkins, delicious berry jams and various syrups. Farmers can even grow melons in their gardens! Garlic, cranberries and bee honey will enhance health. "Eco catering" and "Sidrabjērs" will take care of the lunch offer that you can enjoy at Wine Store or in the garden. "Mājas saldējums" and "Gogelmogels" have a delicious ice cream, but "Lapsa māja" will delight with delicious cakes. True autumn harvest!

Craftsmen do not stop surprise with their knits and wooden products, as well as attractive decorations for both daily joy and celebratory events. Warm gloves, scarves, socks and long jackets are currently the most popular handicraft products in the market. 


In Kalnciema quarter courtyard from 11 AM to 3 PM "Latvian Scouts Central Organization" will organize active and creative activities for children.

The workshop is supported by the Riga City Council.

At 11 AM and 12.30 PM concert of the Āgenskalns dance school "Vendija"

Dance school "Vendija" offers children a wide range of dance classes, even acrobatics and capoeira. Since 2013, the school has participated in various international contests and gained very high results. On September 2nd, they have prepared a special concert program for Kalnciema Quarter visitors.