Contemporary ceramics pop-up in Kalnciema quarter from December 9

 From December 9 to 30, the fourth pop-up market of Latvian contemporary ceramics will be held in the Kalnciem quarter gallery, which will bring together approximately 20 ceramic artists and brands:

Laima Ceramics, Sidrabceramics, CIPARNICA Talsi ceramics, Linda Ķivule ceramics, Laine Beriņa ceramics, Oltes ceramics, K.porcelain, MelnZeme ceramics, Vidusmeži ceramics, Evija Ceramics, Informal Ceramics, Cerannic, Katrīnas Ceramics, Ozolins Pottery, Kristina Ceramics, Tilia Studio mahtecreate, clumsy ceramics and others.

Artists work with clay, stoneware and porcelain using a wide variety of techniques, glazes, textures and paintings. Each has its own, unique handwriting that evolves and offers new twists every year. In the Kalnciema quarter, dishes and jewelry of various moods will be available.

Ceramics pop-up producer Una Meiberga believes that this annual meeting of Latvian ceramicists is a very important event for both the visibility of the industry and its development. 

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Ceramic pop-up opening hours:

on Saturdays at 10.00-16.00

on working days at 12.00-19.00

IG @keramikaspopup