On June 6th concert by Kārlis Kazāka Trio and Helena Kozlova

On June 6th, we meet nowhere else than at Kalnciema Quarter's brown square "Summer Outdoors. Summer together". Helēna Kozlova and her band, the Kārlis Kazāka trio and DJ Dubra will rock the first Thursday of summer. We encourage you to invite your fellow guests and get ready for a really cosy atmosphere!

What will we hear in the evening?

Kārlis Kazāks, Maija Ušča and Anete Kozlovska will play an acoustic music concert featuring new and not-so-new songs by Kārlis Kazāks. The trio is currently in the process of recording a new album, which will be available for visitors to enjoy. Helena Kozlova's programme will include self-composed piano pieces/songs and songs with guitar accompaniment from the repertoire of the band "Levīti", from the repertoire of the solo album "Tāluma Tuvumā" and unrecorded pieces. Sometimes Helena's concerts include unpredictable improvisations. As Uldis Rudaks once said about Helēna's voice: "Helēna Kozlova is an unusual and unique phenomenon in Latvian music with a very powerful voice – she can sing in a very low and classically high voice, as well as roar, like metal guys do, and what is called a growl."

Come thirsty and hungry – the Wine Shop and Café will serve wines and coffee from the Marche region of Italy, there will be a pop-up sparkling drinks station on the veranda, and dinner will be prepared by street food cafés that have been popular for years. This year, "Summer Outdoors. Summer Together", we have a few surprises in store, such as a Latvian stage star, internationally acclaimed jazz, master DJs, the traditional Chess Day and more. We'll reveal exactly what and when as time goes on, so stay tuned and see you at our outdoor plaza every Thursday throughout the summer!

Entrance is free and from 6 PM.

The event is supported by Riga City Council, Lielvārde alus.

Venue - Kalnciema street 35.