"Saistviela" exhibition - Dāvis Ozols, Zīle Ziemele, Andris Eglītis until November 30

From November 2 to 30, an exhibition of paintings "Saistviela" by artists Dāvis Ozolas, Zīle Ziemele and Andris Eglītis will be on view in the Kalnciema quarter gallery.

The binder ("Saistviela") is painting that connects the inner and material worlds. The painting is located in the space between reality and imagination, where the outside and inside of the shell can be observed. In the oil painting technique, linseed oil is added to the pigment as a binder, and when painting on the canvas, the inner/outer world is captured at a specific point in time. Painting is a controlled accident. Such a message is included in the most recent works created in acrylic, alkyd, oil, encaustic and egg tempera techniques.

Creating a group exhibition and inviting other artists to join him, Dāvis Ozols came up with the idea, because sometimes a conversation is useful in the personal and tense path of pictorial thinking. A pictorial conversation that inspires and moves forward. The artists have graduated from the Janis Rozentāls Art High School, the painting department of the Latvian Academy of Arts, while they met at the painting technique summer school with the restorer Dmitrijs Laščetko.

The exhibition in the Kalnciema quarter gallery will be open every working day at 10.00-18.00 and on Saturdays at 10.00-16.00, the gallery is closed on Sundays. Free entrance.