Streed Food Festival

Street Food Festival is the latest tradition in Kalnciema Quarter, which began in 2017. From May to September, every Wednesday, the event brings together catering professionals, enthusiasts and gives you the opportunity to enjoy great meals and tastings.

There are two signs of street food - the food is cooked "on the street" in front of all the eyes in food trucks, tents, barbecue or other equipment. Second - food is served fully ready, eaten right away and right there. It is also important that street meals are generally cheaper than those offered by restaurants, but often stand out with original cooking techniques, different innovations, and the ability to provide high-quality and ability to serve in a short period of time.

Entrance is free of charge. In the warm season, the Street Food Festival is held every Wednesday evening, each time attracting new participants. By the way, the festival is also friendly to dogs.

To apply for the Street Food Festival, please fill the form.

contacts:  t. +371 25129099, Edijs