Active Hobbies Market April 13

Are you hiking, cycling or maybe just physically active? On April 13 from 10 AM till 4  PM 10.00-16.00 we invite you to the Active Hobbies Market. 

There will be a bike andele at the Blue House all day! How will it work? Bring your bike that you want to sell, put a price tag and your contact details, lock it and see if maybe someone else has brought a new bike for you! In the meantime, you can walk around the market or, if you live nearby, wait for a call home. 

The popular clothing brand ZIB will return to the market with spring and sporty clothing, and for the second time you will be able to try and see hammocks made in Latvia. Permanent traders will highlight a variety of balanced and wholesome snacks that are easy to take on longer walks, workouts or fishing trips, for example.

More information and traders coming soon.