Clean Up market

 Slowly, but steadily approaching spring and the sun lighting up every corner. Kalnciema Quarter invites to arrange not only thoughts, but also homes - cabinets, shelves, basements and attics, where you find no longer in use items that could be useful to someone else. If you find such, deliver them to the Kalnciema Quarter.Every saturday along the market there is donation buses of a second-hand store and social entrepreneurship pioneer OTRA ELPA. 

In addition to the market from 11:00 to 14:00 at Kalnciema Quarter Brown house hall will be a creative basket weaving workshop, where every visitor will learn to make a colorful and durable basket of paper tubes. Afterwards at 14:00 businessman, self-optimizer and experimenter - Kaspars Vendelis will share his experience on how to improve oneself and the quality of life. The lecture will talk not only about food, but also about daily rhythm and tricks improve life as well as how to free oneself from all the unnecessary inside us. 

Kalnciema Quarter wooden architecture centre  10:00 to 14:00 will be held LEGO robot school classes. Alfarobot school Lego robotics specialist team together with children will construct Lego Education WEDO robots.