DJ trio Apeiron Crew from Denmark July 20

Apeiron Crew will play at the Kalnciema Quarter 

DJ trio Apeiron Crew from Denmark will play a four-hour set at the Kalnciema Quarter open air stage (Kalnciema street 35) on July 20, 19:00.

The event is part of a Skaņu Mežs festival organized concert series called “Nordic Women in Experimental Music”.

Admission is free.

DJ trio Apeiron Crew, founded in Copenhagen, is made up of Danish natives Sara Svanholm, Simone Øster and Scottish export Emma Blake. The three are likewise respectively
considered as solo artists intertwined within the all female collective, known under their individual aliases Mama Snake, Smokey and Solid Blake. 

The three became mutually associated through a steady and ongoing contribution to the Copenhagen techno scene noted by their active passions for the underground electronic environment and the ability to utilise divergent tastes into a unifying force. Since 2014 the three have worked their music motives together throughout the city, from their residence at Culture Box to throwing one off secret location events and regular radio slots for the masses. podcast-85- apeiron-crew

Their solid grounding in mind-splitting techno as well as house, electro and hip-hop from the

record stores and nightclubs of Denmark has aided the expansion of the crew and their aliases across Europe playing highly regarded festivals such as Unsound and nightclubs
Corsica Studios and TBA Dresden to name a few. 

Apeiron Crew are participating artists of the SHAPE platform for innovative music and audiovisual art, supported by the „Creative Europe” programme of the European Union. x-ectotherm- 120417-mama-snake