Folk music afternoon with Staņislavs Judins and Asnate Rancāne on October 14

Folk Music Concert with participation of Staņislavs Judins and Asnate Rancāne will be heard three times on 14th of October - at 11 AM, 12.30 PM and 2 PM. Staņislavs Judins is looking for inspiration in ethnic folk music, Asnate Rancāne - in improvisation. The duet of both musicians has come about to combine these different musical experiences. They are intermingled with Stanislav's improvisation and composition, and Asnate's knowledge of ethnic music and folklore. And original music with folk texts is complemented by folk melodies that are stylistically related to minimalist aesthetics. The program includes eight folk-inspired compositions: four Latvian folk songs in different dialects, as well as Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian and Russian folk songs.