Hat Market on January 20th

To finally start preparing for winter, on January 20th from 10 AM to 4 PM Kalnciema Quarter market will offer a variety of unusual, colorful, interesting hats for both genders. In turn, children will be able to fit into the role of designers and create hat sketches at the workshop.

If you need to match stylish hat to a ski suit or rain jacket, Latvian brands such as MOTH, Mice, Lokali and others will offer knitted, crocheted, sewn hats at the market. With a wide range of headwear in various colors and shapes will also delight hat master Sanda Ezeriņa and designer Liene Zeiliša, while Karla.lv and Rock & Mouse will warm up the ears of the youngest market visitors. At the market you will also find warm accessories for those who need to buy new wool socks, gloves, thicker scarves or any other needlework.

Farmers will offer favorite delicacies - bread, meat, fish, dairy products, vegetables and immune-enhancing goods. Visitors are welcomed to have a late breakfast at the market, cooked on a live-fire.

From 11 AM to 2 PM, children in the creative workshop will be able to play the role of young designers and, together with the textile artist Baiba Osīte, create hats for themselves, their brothers, sisters or parents. If the headgear is needed for a favorite toy, everyone is encouraged to take it to a workshop to create a new accessory on the spot. Free of charge.