Health market in Kalnciema Quarter

On April 1 at 10-16 The Health Market will take place in the Kalnciema Quarter! In the market, you will be able to buy vitamin-rich products that are hard to find elsewhere. Carlos' Bugs will offer unique delicacies in Latvia with mineral substances and insect powder valuable for omega fatty acids. On the other hand, natural vegetable, fruit, and berry powders can be found in LIO superfoods. Padegas and Mežmalas, and the burdock products by Bestberry will provide the sea buckthorn products. The market cannot do without teas, nettles, fresh maple, and birch juices.

At 11-13 a chocolate painting master class will take place in the gallery in cooperation with Carlos' Bugs and Taste CAPS. Those interested will be able to get a self-decorated Belgian chocolate bar with berries, white chocolate, and a never-before-seen golden insect protein. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to learn everything about and edible insects, their value. The participation fee is 5 euros.

Finally, together with Kristini Štikāne from Sirdsvirtuve, we will learn how to make tuna salad and cheese sauce using only plant-based products. Plant-based kefir will also be available for both tasting and purchase.