Manta un Spāre Open Air concert August 3

3 Latvian bands in one open air concert -

"Manta" (9.30pm),  "Spāre" (8pm) and "Blue Jean Serenade" (7pm).

Free entrance.


Ansamblis Manta is one of the most visible names on the Latvian alternative music scene, and has won recognition also in wider circles. Their first album "Manta" has received several awards, the Best alternative album at the annual Latvian Recording industry awards 2014 among them. The band has played plenty of gigs in Latvia and has also performed in Lithuania and Estonia.
Their second album "Karaliene Anna" (Queen Anna) is quirky, imaginative, dark music, wandering across different genres. All songs and arrangements build on the foundation of lyrics as the focal point.
The distinct sound of Ansamblis Manta stems from the use of vocal polyphony and an original spectrum of instruments in different combinations – Cremona bass or synth bass, piano, live drums and original samples, Vermona 2 organ, “Электроника” synthesizer, Korg Electronic keyboard, and a special guest – Casio VL1.
The album was recorded on two 2-track analogue tape recorders. Engineered, mixed and produced by Ingus Baušķenieks, a Latvian alternative scene legend, at his "Bicycle systems" studio. 


The band has its own repertoire, though improvisation is a crucial element and a great deal of music arises spontaneously on the spot. Rooted in the psychadelic rock sound world, Spāre’s music is rhythmically resilient, energetically loaded and intense, innovative and full of surprises and often dissolves genre barriers and strives for the unknown.


Matīss Čudars - guitar, voice
; Jānis Ruņģis - bassguitar, voice; Artis Orubs - drums. 


Blue Jean Serenade
is young Latvian indie-pop band: