Market and story for children “Branco trip from Fribourg to Stirniene” July 29

29th of July from 10 AM to 4 PM in Kalnciema Quarter there will be a weekly market for farmers and craftsmen. At the same time from 11 AM to 12.30 PM, children will have the opportunity to listen to story “Branko trip from Fribourg to Stirniene” (in Latvian and French).

On the last Saturday of July, the Kalnciema Quarter Market offers a rich selection of ceramics, wood products, knitwear, as well as various Latvian delicacies - rye bread, smoked meat in Latgalian style, quail eggs. Also, the berry season is in full swing! Strawberries, raspberries, cherries to bring home to your loved ones or eat on the spot.  

Parallel to the market, children are invited to listen to story "Branko trip from Fribourg to Stirniene" from 11 AM to 12.30 PM in the brown building of Kalnciema Quarter. The event takes place within the framework of the project "Seven Friendship Path", organised by “Anneles Pļavas”, which aims to show children culture, traditions, people and nature of different countries. "On the first friendship footbridge we will meet each other and meet with friends from Switzerland," says the organiser “Anneles Pļavas”.  

At 11 AM, we will meet the Swiss puppy Branko, his adventures on his way to Latvia from the story "Branko trip from Fribourg to Stirniene", written by musician Ilze Grudule and illustrated by Swiss music artist Vincen Fluckiger. This story is a tribute to Madara, the daughter of I.Grudulis and V.Fluckiger. Vincent's native place is Fribourg, and Ilze’s - Stirniene. Parents convey to their daughter the cultural heritage of both nations and the understanding of friendship. The story will be read in both Latvian and French.  

After the story about the Swiss puppy Branko, children will colour postcards drawn by V.Fluckiger. The musical background will be created by Latvian girls' vocal association "Bizes" and Madara Fluckigere from Switzerland.  

The event is supported by the Riga City Council.
Free entrance.