Open Air Concert with Contemporary Organ Music September 9

Open Air Concert with Contemporary Organ Music

This year, an innovative classical and contemporary music and light project will take place in Kalnciema Quarter during the

“White Night”. Performance will be a journey of consciousness, which, at the same time, will master light impulses and sound rhythm.

During the concert / performance, spectators will witness the mix of organ, voice and other instruments - guitars, clarinets, and percussion. The musical line is only partially predefined.

Concert trio “Ekvinoks”: J.Pelše (organ), A.Grimms (guitar), I.Kalniņš (percussion), as well as organist and composer A.Kalējs and singer M.Deringa (Germany) will perform classical, contemporary and even jazz compositions. Sensitive light channels will respond to sound vibrations, creating an equivalent light source for the music. During the concert, a special sound device will be connected to each instrument, so that sound responds to the light
channel. As a result, the louder the artist plays the instrument, the brighter the light is, the higher tonalities are played, the more the light channel changes. At the same time, light 

source effects will be different. This sensitive system will be programmed by composer Jēkabs Nīmanis.

Children are welcomed to participate in a creative educational workshop where each can create their own light objects from light emitting diodes, fluorescent colors and reflective