RIBOCA children workshops at Kalnciema Quarter gallery in February

Continiuing the partnership with Private Primary School Domdaris and Kalnciema Quarter Gallery, we are pleased to announce the February weekly workshop theme:


Replacing January’s exploration of “Snowmen”, this month’s RIBOCA workshops invite you to partake in the creation of a new artwork for the upcoming RIBOCA2 exhibition, by assisting one of the biennial participants – mathematician Daina Taimiņa’s installation.

Two Saturdays (February 1, 15 and 29) crochet workshops “Extraordinary Mathematics” will be organized to help create the largest artwork in Latvia to date, made by Daina Taimiņa from countless crocheted hyperbolic planes or so-called frills. In previous art projects, Daina has rallied more than 200 assistants, so the ambition is to grow this number and find assistants during several masterclasses that will help Daina to conjure up a new mathematical wonder in the coming months. Every crafter is welcome to join and become one of the ambassadors – in Saturday’s masterclass you will learn how to get involved in the creation of a common artwork with your own crocheted piece as you can continue crocheting at home.

Throughout the workshop, some of the possible patterns will be crocheted and showcased, illustrating how handicrafts can help you learn math, and introduce you to the crocheting of hyperbolic planes. Prior experience is not required but desirable.

Alongside crochet workshops, the youngest workshop participants, under the guidance of “Domdaris” students, will have the chance to learn to crochet with their fingers in a special “kumihimo” technique which also employs mathematical knowledge.

Practical information:

Workshops are organized every Saturday from 11:00 to 14:00 until 9 May, free admission. All workshop materials will be provided, including non-toxic theater colors for kids’ safety.