RIBOCA children workshops at Kalnciema Quarter gallery in March

Due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus and the declared emergency in Latvia, the planned event is canceled.


In March RIBOCA2 workshops will continue the ongoing discussion about climate change and human interaction with nature. Inspired by RIBOCA2 participant’s Tomas Saraceno long-term research of multispecies ecologies and especially spiders – arachnology, in the workshop sessions we propose to question the issues regarding human interaction with other species from the perspectives of various disciplines – philosphy, ethology, anthropology – to develop relations with non-human beings that we share the world with.

During the workshops the participants will weave spider webs with the help of Domdaris pupils and teachers, using recycled and second-hand materials, and test their effectiveness with fake flies. On March 7 and 14 the workshops will begin with lectures about the lives of spiders and web weaving by zoologists.

Special guests of the workshops:

On March 7 – Dr. biol. Inese Cera, researcher of the Laboratory of bioindication, Institute of Biology University of Latvia.

On March 14 – Dr. biol. Voldemars Spungis, head of the Department of Zoology and Animal Ecology of the University of Latvia, associated professor and leading researcher.

❗Practical information:

Workshops are organized every Saturday from 11:00 to 14:00 until 9 May, free admission. All workshop materials will be provided.