Solo exhibition of artist Kalvis Kalniņš from February 9

From February 9 to 28 the Kalnciema Quarter Gallery will host the exhibition "Event Horizons" by Kalvis Kalniņš.

Using a variety of printmaking techniques, Kalvis focuses his work on environments and systems created by humans and artificial intelligence. The series of works depicts the artist's interpretation of the technological singularity – a phenomenon that anticipates the moment when technological development surpasses the capacity of human consciousness. The self-development of artificial intelligence would result in an unpredictable course of events. The white noise depicted in the graphic abstracts helps to convey the unfathomability and vastness of such a flow of information.

Opening with the artist on 8 February at 19.00.

The exhibition at Kalnciema Quarter Gallery is open every weekday 10.00-18.00 and Saturdays 10.00-16.00, closed on Sundays. Free admission.