Tips for visiting market

We have several recommendations for visiting the market during COVID-19:

- We have extended the working hours of the market - we operate from 9 AM to 5 PM. Note that around 12 PM there are the most people at the market;

- We have rearranged the participants to ensure the distance, so be careful – from now the traders will be where you did not look for them before. For example, in the apple garden or on the stage;

- The use of a face mask at the market is mandatory. According to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, all market participants use masks and disinfectants;

- Distances are marked in the market area - please note them and do not crowd in one place, especially when standing in line;

- During the market, our security guard Ivars goes on a walk and looks after safety. He will be happy to treat you with a face mask if you lost or forgot yours at home. Several market participants also offer nice cotton masks - we have a wide selection for big and small visitors;

- Come to market with pre-made lists so you don't stay in the market for long. It is also a good opportunity to practice conscious shopping;

- It will not be possible to sit in the cafe, but we will still make delicious coffee for you - if there is a queue indoors, please wait outside;

- There are two main entrances in the territory - in order not to create traffic jams, please enter from Melnsila iela and exit to Kalnciema iela.

- In the last hour, several market participants make sale – an opportunity to negotiate discounts and get hot deals!