Urtė Bimbaitė’s solo exhibition “From Water 2”

Urtė Bimbaitė’s art will be shown in the Kalnciema Quarter gallery from November 9 and will last until 30th of November.

In 2018 Lithuanian artist Urtė Bimbaitė shown her solo exhibition “From Water”. In a short while she understood that it should become a continuous and growing project which will travel around the Baltic Sea shore by stopping in various exhibition halls. As a start point became this first show in Lithuania, City of Palanga and that made clear that next stop has to be in Latvia.

The main idea of the project is to present water theme by using water-based techniques for the artworks. Exhibition mainly includes watercolor artworks, that are enriched with aerography and assemblage to make it more contemporary.

Through artworks Urtė examines water and human relationship. She notices that water can raise memories, it helps to rest, create possibilities for work (fishing, shipping). Water even uncovers inner human world. We can see harmony in calm sea or anger and passion in the storm. Reflection of these emotions in variety of artworks connects its author to the viewer who recognizes his own psychological states.

However in her artworks Urtė remembers that humans also has an impact to water. Or in other words - water affects human the same as human affects water. It gets polluted, ice melts and in the end – climate changes. We came from water, as we are taught via evolution theory. So various challenges that water faces today raise a question that concerns us all: do we have Planet B if we will ruin this one, that holds all known water in the universe?

Urtė Bimbaitė is inviting you to discuss about it in her art show “From Water 2”.