World Music Concert // Orkesta Mendoza in the Kalnciema Quarter on May 30

For the first time in Kalnciema Quarter will happen a unique world music concert – energetic orchestra from the Arizona Orkesta Mendoza will move the audience with eclectic Latin music rhythms, exploring virtuosity and combining countless styles of Latin music.
Sergio Mendoza Y La Orkesta' album "Vamos A Guarachar!’’ received the recognition of the Rolling Stones magazine for one of the best-made Latin albums.
‘’Sergio Mendoza Y La Orkesta’’ is a Latin music band from Tucson, Arizona. Orchestra that created indie-mambo music. It was founded by singer and guitarist Sergio Mendoza in 2009, who is the leader of the group. Through the use of Latin percussion, accordion, brass, and steel guitars, the band's style, dubbed "indie mambo" is a combination of ranchera, cumbia, psychedelic and indie rock. The group was identified as one of the most successful Latin music groups in 2017.
There are seven members of the group‘’Sergio Mendoza Y La Orkesta’’ :
• Sergio Mendoza (leader) – vocals, piano, guitar
• James Peters – drums, percussion, sequencing
• Marco Rosano – saxophone, clarinet, accordion, keyboard Trombone
• Sean Rogers – double bass
• Raul Marquez - trumpet, guitar, vocals
• Brian Lopez - guitar, vocals
• Quetzal Guerrero - violin, vocals
This orchestra sometimes consists of even 20 participants who create loud, stormy mambo and cumbia music with intense beating of psychedelic music.
'Sergio Mendoza Y La Orkesta' in 2014 perfomed at WOMEX Official Showcase Selection of World Music Expo 2014. The group is able to give a memorable impression to an international audience of speakers, media and other participants, which is why this group is the only one in the US, participating in WOMEX even three times. In 2015, Orkesta Mendoza performed at Pachanga Latino Music Festival.

The concert is supported by the US Embassy in Latvia.