Kalnciema Quarter

Kalnciema Quarter is a bright and lively spot in Riga, on the left bank of the Daugava River, in the green and colourful area of Pārdaugava. It regularly hosts events for families and children, art exhibitions, plays, open-air concerts, and educational events. Kalnciema Quarter is particularly famous for its weekly market – ever since 2008, on Saturdays, local farmers and artisans have been bringing their versatile produce to Kalnciema Quarter. Market is on Saturdays year round.

The cluster of renovated wooden buildings contains a Wooden  Architecture center , Wine shop and cafe, offering wine from the small vineyards of Marche, Italy, an art gallery and a design salon.

The office space in the Quarter is inhabited by architects, media specialists and other creative professionals. The buildings of Kalnciema Quarter, located at the crossing of Kalnciema and Melnsila Streets are a part of Riga’s wooden architecture heritage dating back to the 19th century and representing the epoch of the late Classicism in Europe. The resurrection of the Quarter’s wooden buildings began in 2001.

Currently, seven renovated  buildings enclosing the yard with a small orchard are open to the public. All the buildings have been renovated, using traditional materials and technologies, with modern conveniences built in and adjustments to answer the needs of the contemporary lifestyle.

Kalnciema Quarter has expanded the concept and prospects of the wooden architecture heritage by infusing the buildings with contemporaneity and making them publicly accessible. Kalnciema Street is a part of the Latvian Cultural Canon listing the treasures from various branches of Latvian culture

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