Kuldiga residence

The Residence at Kuldīga is situated in a picturesque location at Mālu iela 14, within a walking distance from the widest waterfall in Europe – Ventas rumba (the Rapids of the Venta River), in the magnificently preserved, authentic old town of Kuldīga. It encompasses two residential houses, a bathhouse with a sauna, a garage and a spacious, wild orchard.

The landowner Gailis started to build the houses in 1902. He possessed land all along Mālu (Clay) Street. A century later, in 2002, the enthusiastic team of Kalnciema Quarter renovated these buildings in strict compliance with the standards of artisanship, ecological building and the classic tradition of the Scandinavian restoration school.

The Residence of Kalnciema Quarter in Kuldīga is open to guests throughout the year, offering:

  • the opportunity of a relaxing overnight stay for 7 to 14 persons (up to 3 additional beds can be arranged);
  • fully equipped kitchen in each of the two residential houses for making your own meals;
  • Internet connection;
  • bathhouse - herbal teas and the bunches of leafy birch twigs traditionally used for fragrant sauna therapy can be provided;
  • the services of a sauna therapist (in Latvian - "pirtnieks") - a knowledgeable person of Latvian traditional health and beauty procedures;
  • Ayurvedic and other specialised massages.

Reservation: +371 26103093, Elīnakuldigasrezidence@gmail.com

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