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From June 6th Sandra Strēle's exhibition "The Game of Happiness"

From 6 to 28 June, the Kalnciema Quarter Gallery will host the exhibition "The Game of Happiness" by artist Sandra Strēle.More about the exhibition:"The exhibition "The Game of Happiness" invites us to evaluate the presence of everyday ignorance and random events, which we most likely do not even think about or even notice. Until we realise that we have taken part in a game, the outcome of which i...

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On June 6th concert by Kārlis Kazāka Trio and Helena Kozlova

On June 6th, we meet nowhere else than at Kalnciema Quarter's brown square "Summer Outdoors. Summer together". Helēna Kozlova and her band, the Kārlis Kazāka trio and DJ Dubra will rock the first Thursday of summer. We encourage you to invite your fellow guests and get ready for a really cosy atmosphere!What will we hear in the evening?Kārlis Kazāks, Maija Ušča and Anete Kozlovska will play an aco...

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On June 1st Children Day

On  June 1st from 10 AM till 4 PM we will celebrate International Child Protection Day in Kalnciema Quarter. Alongside the weekly farmers' and craftsmen's market, on this day we will focus on creative and at the same time developmental activities for children; the market will offer children's clothing sewn in Latvia, accessories for young ladies and other useful things for children. PROG...

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May 30 Kautkaili in Kalnciema Quarter: "Summer outside. Summer together" opening

Save the date! We invite you to join us on May 30 for the grand opening of Kalnciema Quarter's concert season and legendary Thursday nights! This year's first "Summer Outdoors. Summer Together" will be opened by one of the biggest local bands of the last year "Kautkaili", while the stage will be warmed up by the band "Idille" and DJ Dubra."Kautkaili is based on experiments with nostalgia in music,...

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From May 2 Comic Exhibition 'All Means All'

From May 2 to June 1, Kalnciema Quarter Gallery will host the  Comic Exhibition 'All Means All'In March 2024, German artist Michael Jordan held a comic workshop in Riga with the theme 'All Means All'. Under his guidance, the participants discussed what this means for them and created comic posters inspired by the talks. In the end, all the comics got copied and distributed, and the participan...

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