Wooden Architecture Centre

Kalnciema Quarter Wooden Architecture Centre was opened in 2016, in a historical wooden building at Melnsila iela 10B, Riga. Its renovation received support from European Regional Development Fund. 

Wooden Architecture Centre is open to public and regularly holds informative events about renovation and maintenance of wooden buildings. Everyone interested can enrol in workshops. Professional school and college students can enter an internship at the Centre.

The professionals of the Wooden Architecture Centre give consultations about renovation and restoration of wooden buildings, as well as other questions. You can also gain a practical insight into the following works:
facade renovation with linseed oil paint or linseed oil tint, renovation of facade details, wood carvings, restoration of doorways, doors, wooden shutters, window restoration and fillings, repairs of plinth, other useful solutions.

The renovated wooden building at Melnsila iela 10B also houses "Wooden Architecture Foundation" which works in the field of architectural heritage conservation and promoting “wooden architecture friendly” lifestyle.

Contacts for cooperation: 

tel. + 371 29402027, Una


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