Koncertsezonas atklāšana - Wordsmith un Brīvrunu projekts 16. maijā

16. maijā gaidām uz brīvdabas koncertsezonas atklāšanu Kalnciema kvartāla dārzā – Rīgā viesosies Baltimoras hiphoperis Wordsmith. Vakara pirmajā daļā Brīvrunu Projekts.

Koncertu rīko ASV vēstniecība Latvijā sadarbībā ar Kalnciema kvartālu, atbalsta Lielvārdes alus.

Ieeja bez maksas, no plkst. 19.00.


Baltimore-based rapper, musician and entrepreneur Wordsmith makes hip-hop with a strong motivational message. His mission is to entertain and educate through a message of purpose while providing clean, quality, marketable Music for the Masses. One of Wordsmith’s main priorities is creating an affinity for American values; especially among marginalized youth. Performing Hip Hop with a strong motivational message, entertaining, educating and inspiring his engagements in Latvia will promote freedom of expression to underserved youth communities, local musicians and the general public. Through a series of concerts, workshops and master classes Wordsmith and his live band will highlight Hip Hop culture in America through the art of storytelling, singing, dancing and instrumentation. The overall goal is the collaborate and incorporate the local youth/musicians into several of Wordsmith’s concerts.